Syncburst file sync & ha for windows servers

Load Balancing in the World of Clouds

Bob is running a site that TechCrunch decides to profile on their home page. Unfortunately, Bob was not prepared for the sudden surge in traffic. As a result, the majority of requests are delayed and worse, denied. In a panic, Bob tries to stand up new servers to handle the load - but that takes precious hours. As he tries to copy over the production files to the new servers, he realize that file transfer is going to take much longer than expected because of the extreme load the main server is already facing. Bob just lost thousands of dollars worth of free advertising.

Now consider John. He setup Syncburst on his web server, which immediately started creating a cloud copy of all of his production files. His site also got profiled on TechCrunch. Just like Bob, his server was unable to handle the surge in traffic. In fact, it was so bad, John could not even remote-desktop to it.

John quickly spins a clone off an image he had created earlier. Within 4 minutes, the new servers are online. A few more minutes, and all of the files are made current by Syncburst. The overloaded server is not even touched. Syncburst automatically pulls the latest copies of all the production files from the Syncburst Cloud. In 10 minutes, John goes from being in a panic, to watching the orders roll in.

Syncburst enables you to quickly react to critical events on your web servers, and helps transform major catastrophes into minor blips on the radar. With continues synchronization and real-time replication of all monitored directories, you can rest easy knowing all of your web servers are kept in sync, and new servers will get updated as soon as they come online.

You can even load balance load servers across different data centers, cloud vendors, and cloud types. Syncburst does not care if there is a direct comm link between all the web servers or not - it just simply works. You don't need a VPN tunnel or any other form of connectivity linking your servers together in order to get files to synchronize.

Born out of frustration with existing solutions, Syncburst was designed form the ground up to be cloud-ready, easy to use, and inexpensive.

Automatic Group Detect

When new servers are stood up, Syncburst can automatically add them to the correct group, and immediately start synchronizing files.

Cloud Agnostic

Syncburst automatically synchronizes files across servers regardless of where they are. Place your servers on public clouds, private clouds, or any combination.

Independent Updates

Updates all of the clones with the latest version of all files, even if the primary server is unavailable.