Syncburst file sync & ha for windows servers

Designed For The Cloud

If you have a web server running an application that can come under high load at certain times, and you need to be able to scale, then you would most likely create an image of that server that you can use to rapidly deploy additional clones when peak demands hit.

Unfortunately, since application code can change frequently, you would have two options. You could either create the clones, and then synchronize the files manually, or you could reimage the production server and then create clones from the new image. Both options are time consuming.

Now you have a solution.

All you have to do is install syncburst on your primary server before you create the image. Days, weeks or even months later, when you need to create new clones, just use the old image. syncburst will automatically detect that it is running on a new clone, auto-assign it to the right group, and immediately begin synchronizing files.

Best of all, since Syncburst is completely managed from the Web, you can easily manage your farms and check on sync status from anywhere on the planet.

Cloud Agnostic

Syncburst automatically synchronizes files across servers regardless of where they are. Place your servers on public clouds, private clouds, or any combination.

Physical or Virtual

Works with both physical and virtual servers, although maximum benefits are realized when using virtualization.

Independent Updates

Updates all of the clones with the latest version of all files, even if the primary server is unavailable.