Syncburst file sync & ha for windows servers

Super Easy High Availability

Forget expensive hardware and software. Don't even think about complicated setups that wind up taking days to deploy and test. With Syncburst High Availability, you can get automated service monitoring, failover, and failback setup in 15 minutes.

Simply define what Windows services you want to configure for High Availability - enter the service name as it appears on the Services.svc tool - and set the service startup to Manual. Install Syncburst. That's it.

It's easy to setup your backup server to assume the primary server's IP address as well. Simply configure that in the HA Network settings. Enter the MAC addresses, original and failover IP settings, and you're done.

Syncburst will automatically keep all application files in sync between the primary and backup servers.

The primary server is polled every 3 seconds. If it fails to responds to the last three polls, the server is assumed to be down or unreachable. When this happens, all services are automatically stopped on the primary server (if it's online, but has experienced a network failure) and services are started on the backup server.

If IP failover is configured, then the primary server's IP is changed to another IP to prevent network conflicts, and the backup server's IP is automatically changed to the primary server's IP address.

When the primary server recovers, Syncburst stages an orchestrated failback to the primary server. First all services are stopped on the backup server. Then, if IP failover was configured, the primary server is given back it's IP address (and the backup server goes back to it's original IP address). Finally, services are started back on the primary server.

Syncburst High Availability can be setup on any Windows server and can control any Windows Service. It was designed from the ground up to be easy to deploy and maintenance-free to use.

Windows Service Failover

Three second interval polling of the primary server is put in place to quickly react to any failures. All configured services are started on the backup server within 15 seconds of a primary server's failure.

Network IP Failover

When the primary server becomes unreachable, the backup server can be configured to assume the primary's IP address before services are started on it.

Automatic Failback

When the primary server recovers, Syncburst performs an orchestrated failback of all services back to the primary server.