Syncburst file sync & ha for windows servers

Ridiculously Simple File Synchronization

Syncburst is a file sync system for anyone who has to manage multiple Windows servers. It allows administrators to keep files synchronized on servers that are on the same farm.

With Syncburst, it is easy to ensure that content on your web servers stay in sync even if your servers are located across public and private clouds, without a VPN tunnel established between them. Standing up new servers is easy- install the software, and all of your content immediately begin synchronizing.

Using advanced data mirroring techniques, syncburst monitors a designated master server within a group, and all cloned servers for changes. If changes are detected, it uses secure web services to synchronize the group. Tired of having to update content on virtual servers created from a template? Syncburst automatically detects when a new server is created from a template, and synchronizes it with the latest content.

How it Works

Using advanced database based replication, Syncburst checks all cloned servers to make sure that their content is identical to the group master's content. All communications are done using secure web services - no need to open any special firewall ports.

Built for Security

Syncburst uses 128 bit SSL channels to transmit data, and all access to the system is guarded with large size keys to further ensure data security

Unlimited Sync Groups

You can create as many sync groups as you want, with any number of servers in each group. Syncburst effortlessly keeps all of your code in lock step with each group's master server.